What you’ll see here~


Yes! Life is short but it is beautiful. This is probably my drive as to why I want to share the beautiful things I see in life and how I make life more colorful even with all the constraints the world has to offer.

As a start, I wanna say “Hi!” This will be my first official blog post. And I’d like to let you know what to expect here and whether or not it suits your flavor. So…

First, I will be sharing my cosplay ventures with even when I am in a tight budget. Here are some of my cosplay photos (click on the photo below for more photos):


I also do Photography, so I will also e sharing my struggle to being a better photographer. Here are some of the photos I have taken (click on the photo below for more photos):


And ofcourse, have I mentioned that I am a food lover? I could not say NO to food especially sweets so I will take you to every food adventure I go to. (click on the photo below to view my instagram photos)





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