The Royal Cafe: Coffee Prince

 Looking for a royal treat and this is what I found! A royal cafe named “COFFEE PRINCE“. It is just found right across Cebu Doctors Hospital. They have this royally beautiful entrance.

The feel of the place even from the outside view looks so comfy.

They also have heart-shaped wall design where you could actually put locks on ^^ You know like those you find in Korea they say when you do this “Your destiny is locked together” Its what couples do in Korea~ coffee-prince-2

The area and design inside is pretty and cozy too. They have this wall designs with quotes on them(It’s really inspiring). And some stuffed toys to huggle while being cozy in your

 The stuff toys look like this one rilakkuma here~


They also have more room for you on their 2nd floor(I’m sorry I fogot to take a photo of what it looks like in the 2nd floor >_<) They have bunks and big huggable-sized stuffed toys \(*A*)/


And ofcourse let’s not forget the counter’s beauty!!! The staff are welcoming and very acommodating. They have a lot of variety in their menus too. Their counter have a display of their delishious looking pastries: cakes, cookies and croissants~



And what exactly do we look for in every cafe??? FOOD AND DRINKS OF COURSE 😀

I believe their menu is great, the food is worth it! The price justifiable with the awesome goodness of their food and drinks ❤ The prices ranges from Php 100-200… So here are some of the food and drinks we tried out~

 coffee-prince-7Chocolate Waffle w/ Ice cream & whipped cream on top ♥ MUST TRY!!!
 coffee-prince-8Clubhouse Sandwich with Fries
 coffee-prince-9Chocolate Cake in a Cake topped with ice cream and cookie
coffee-prince-10Javachip Frappe with Whipped Cream

(And from what I heard this is a must try ^_^ best selling frappe)

 coffee-prince-11Vanilla Frappe w/ Whipped cream
coffee-prince-12Fruity Light Beer

I sure hope that you’d enjoy your time if you visit the place, because I know I did 🙂
The place is great for not just for lovers but to anyone who want to have a good time just have a royal break time.




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