The Fizzy Cafe: Soda Cafe

Everyone knows that cafes have been popping up everywhere like mushrooms. And I really wanna visit everyone one of ’em just for the feels and of course who wouldn’t want to try each of their very own special blend of drinks and food ♥

Well, I know I do…


A fizzy cafe joined in, named “SODA CAFE“. The very first thing you’d see when you enter the cafe is this really huge and super cute stuffed toy that looks so adorable ♥soda-cafe-10

The ambiance of the place is really good and the staff even the owners are very accommodating!

And if your really into the cute stuff well this place may just liven up your spirit!!! They got loads of stuffed toy from the really cute-sized ones and to the very big one ♥


The design of the “rooms” for you are cute too. Not to mention it would seem like living in a dollhouse .


Aside from the very “playhouse” feel of the place, let’s not forget about the food and drinks!!!

soda-cafe-5 Oreo Pizza
 soda-cafe-6Coffee Chip
 soda-cafe-7Kiwi Cream Special
 soda-cafe-8Double Oreo
 soda-cafe-9Cereal with Fresh Fruits

Don’t you think these food and drinks look delish? Well they actually taste great and there’s more to discover…My personal favorite would be the cereal with fruits. Its just so healthy good. Its nice to visit the place with the ones you care for. Don’t you think it’d be nice to bring your family or friends to hang out here? My family and I enjoyed our time there…Try it ♥




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