Kpop Summer Jamboree

Everyone has that summer fever they want to experience. And last May 31, a last hurrah for summer event was held.


Summer Jamboree is a summer kpop event hosted by Cebu KPOP Convention. The event was inspired by Running Man, “this summer we will give you your ideal fun and exciting summer! “, as mentioned on their event page.

There were fun mini-games and exciting major games.

There were also booths with KPOP merchandise like this one.


And of course in every Kpop event there is, the highlight – KPOP Dance Cover Contest.


They also had special guests from Manila who cosplay Kpop Idols:
Zack Tolosa – TaeminPh

Elij Tolosa – AmberPh

Here’s the only decent photo I got with them:sum-jam-6

After the dance contest, this happened:

1907718_420259674822469_3292198052847802777_nand some did get wet and dirty!!!

All-in-all the event was much fun and a really great way to get Kpop fans together and level-up the friendship through the activities♥

And lastly, I wanna give a special shout out to the ones who made the event possible(click on the logo to view their pages):




1780044_602978019796640_1670385395_o   11212132_416174011897702_254633465127716171_o




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