Libre247 Blogger

I haven’t been in this blogging industry for long, if anything I am still a newbie at this. But I am going to share with you an important partner I have been introduced to.

libre247 is not just a business that is focused on generating income for the investors. This site will become the online community where members are tightly knitted and each member will feel that he/she is part of the group. Unlike groupon, ensogo and other coupon sites in the Philippines, hears the voice of the consumers and will act as portal so that consumers will get value for their money.

libre247 Their objectives are the following: 1. To be an online community where consumers has the upper-hand in demanding the right price 2. To be able to attain the status where establishments are the one going after Libre247 and offer their products/services 3. To be a household name in the entire Philippines

libre247-disscountThe image above is an example of what you can avail through their site.

If you guys want to avail discounts and promos check out and you might just find your fave brand and avail the best promo there is.




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