A Bistro Cafe: Fujinoya

Cheers to you and me ’cause once again we are going to Japan.

Have you heard of the “Omoshiroi Nippon Video Award Contest”?

contest_titleIt’s a video-making contest where the price at stake is a trip to Japan!!! Find out more about it by clicking on the image above.

My sister and I decided to join this event, with the slightest hope of having a chance at that trip for Japan. So went to this newly opened bistro at Lahug.

fujinoya-1Fujinoya is a Japanese Restaurant & Coffee Shop, that serves really good food. They haves all sorts of cakes and Japanese food in their menu.


Oh! and did I mention that the place is actually cozy and fresh?

There’s a variety of food you should try! And don’t miss out on their cakes!


Here are some of the food that me and my family tried out that you might want to try out:

I greatly recommend their Strawberry Kalamansi Slushie, it’s super refreshing. And also that Chocolate Eclair, it’s oozingly delicious!!!

And here is that video entry we made:




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