The Ice cream Sandwich Stall: FrostBite

 I honestly love ice cream, its my guilty pleasure, a stress reliever. But the thing is I love trying out new things too. And I haven’t tried ice cream sandwiches and have been wanting to try out one.

And then, I found this stall at Jcenter Mall that sells what I’ve been looking for:

♥ Ice Cream Sandwiches ♥

FrostBites is an icecream parlour that especially sells ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream sandwich is a frozen dessert consisting of ice cream between two wafers, cookies, or other similar biscuit.

Like this one:

Cookies ‘n Cream Ice cream & Red Velvet Cake as Sandwich♥

Here is a their menu where you can actually choose what flavor ice cream and sandwich type you want to try and mix together~

frostbites-menuNote: I think this one is not updated because the brownie sandwiches were at 70Php, so just add 10php to the prices listed above.

I can’t wait to try the other flavors soon. I love it ♥





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