The Pink Room Cafe: Cafe Tiala

Remember how when we were in our childhood days, we always dreamed of being princes and princesses???
Well, I stumbled upon this place commonly called as the “Princess Room”. Don’t get me wrong but this place isn’t off limits to males *laughs* It’s open to all genders and ages. And get your royal treatment ♥

Presenting to you. . .


The design maybe a little too girly for guys but they are as welcome to the place as girls are! Its a cafe coated in pink with waitresses dressed in pink maid uniforms!!!


Oh! And did I mention that you could play dress-up here too?


They have traditional Korean clothes, cute overalls(ex. panda, cow, olaf, etc.), cute girly dresses and beautiful wedding dresses with bouquets too.

cafe-tiala-10Its just like your own mini royal playhouse!!!

And let’s not fret because you’d never be hungry because they have lots of must-try awesomely delicious food from Korean food to desserts & sandwiches, and cool/hot drinks ♥

And I’m giving them a 4-star rating for their awesome customer service~♥!!!

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——————–UPDATE 08/11/2015——————–

Here is a vlog I recently published:




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