Happy 1st Monthsary!!!

Last month of May on the 28th day was the day I first officially published this blog, and today is June 28th!

Do you know what that means?!

Yes! That’s right! It’s our 1ST MONTHSARY

I really didn’t expect much when I started out this blog but I really hoped that it would go well. And as far this 1 month has been, it has given me much joy to be able to share what I love and actually got your very warm feedback and for that I thank you all for your support.

Your support motivates me to do more and to never forget to update my blog every MONDAYS & SATURDAYS 🙂

And as a commemoration of this celebration I happy to inform you that I will be launching a new SECTION in my blog.


This new section will be updated every WEDNESDAY. As the name suggest its gonna be about looks like make-up, ootds(“outfit of the day”), and anything that falls under “looks”.

So keep posted, Check-out first blog on “lookbook” on July 1st!

Once Again,





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