1st Look on LookBook

As promised, This is my very first entry on my lookbook category. Hope you like it!
look01“The Look”
Since this one is a first, I’m gonna start with one of my favorite looks or my almost every weekend look. I used to hate wearing dresses, but this made me take a different look on them. This look is simple and cute, exactly why I love it ♥

look01-hair-and-makeup“The Hair & Make-up”

This is not how my hair usually looks, I curled this one using a hair straightener. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I actually prefer curling hair with a straightener rather than with a curler. Somehow it’s easier to achieve the kind of curl I prefer with a straightener than with a hair curler. The make-up is really simple and done to achieve a natural-like look. BB Cream & Foundation(cream & powder) as base. Black gel liner and brown eye shadow for a light and enhanced eyes. Lipstick(Nude & Pink) & lip balm for gradient lips.

look01-detail“The Details”

Every look has of course the accents. I have my ever so beloved Domo bag(kawaii item) purchased that one from Otaku Pop. Mismatched style flat sandals to compliment the navy blue pullover with my favorite necklace at the moment. And I’m good to go!

That’s all for our 1st look. What do you think? Do tell me in the comments section below.




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