Blessings of the Month [JUNE 2015]


And so they say!

I have decided to make a monthly blog entry about the blessings I have received for that month.

And this is my very first entry * I think I’m a little too excited*

Well, first off I won in this free giveaway event by Cebu Blogging Community.


And got 4 free ticket to and advance screening of “Stand by me Doraemon” Movie, which was very fun to watch.


Along with the free movie I got to claim a free signature coffee and doughnuts(Oreo & monthly special: All-star) from Krispy Kreme!!!


And my friends brought me to an INSPIRIT Gathering, a gathering for those Infinite fans. I’m not a die-hard fan of them just yet, but who would expect I’d actually get 2 trivia questions right?! And I got 2 amazingly beautiful posters of Infiniteβ™₯ Now, I think I must be an Inspirit without even knowing!


Last but certainly not least is when I actually was one of the winners of the #sereniteamomentswithdad instagram contest.β™₯

With all of these I could not say that I am not blessed and I just wanted to share my bits and pieces of joy. We need to appreciate even the simplest of things that we received. Be thankful!




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