The Fries Stall: Friends Fries


In my school, when classes have just recently started and we had a lot of classes where our teachers were a “no-show”, my friend and I decided to take a stroll around Colon.

She also had this tell-tale where she is craving for that fries in a certain mall. I told her that she should let me try it. In the end we went there *evil laugh* //I know how to persuade her… not that I need to do much anyway…she was craving for it.


“Friends Fries” that is the name of the stall we went to, to buy our fries. We got ourselves sour cream flavored fries and it was really good.
friends-fries-2 friends-fries-3

They have other flavors I’d wish to try too but sadly at that time we couldn’t, maybe you should.

And that’s it for our friendly fries adventure♥




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