It’s another kawaii day ♥

As you may already know, if you’ve been following my blog I love Kawaii as mentioned in my previous #lookbookWednesday blogpost.

Today I’d like to share a simpler Kawaii look. Fashion is all about mix and matching. There are no exact rules to it. For me, it’s all about “YOURSELF” and that is true fashion. Not every one is gonna like it, but you don’t have to please everyone just like the saying: “you can’t please everyone”.

As for the kawaii aspect, it’s plain and simple. Go find anything you think is cute and be inspired by it. We have a luxury of finding the cutest clothes and accessories almost anywhere. Mix and match what you like and there you have it.

In this look, it’s not really you’re usual super girly kawaii look but a more out-going kind of kawaii. It’s also kind of sexy but not slutty, do you agree?


Kawaii is all about expressing happiness through fashion. I mean whenever you see something kawaii, don’t you feel happy? This is what kawaii has made me become ♥


Keypoints to this look:

★lolita headband

★twin-tail hairstyle(brown wig)

★circle lenses(purple)

★striped knee socks(black & blue)

★kawaii/lolita fluffy skirt(black)

★off shoulder top(black & white)


★kawaii accessories(antique-style watch, ribbon necklace)

★kawaii make-up


Keep calm and be kawaii★

All photo credits to Onigir Wasabi Photography




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