Cosplay Mania Roadshow 2015 – Cebu Leg



Cosplay Mania is an Annual Cosplay competitions with different legs in the Philippines. It is also one of the biggest  cosplay events in the Philippines.

And the Cebu Leg was held in SM Consolacion, I knew I couldn’t miss it 😀11540942_10203219227241139_5799652632493091236_n

And I think it wasn’t just me. There were a lot of people who went and watched ranging from cosplayers to enthusiast and some others. It was a spectacle to watch.

There games and best of all the cosplay competition.


The cosplayers were everywhere in the area and there was a variety of characters. Some from anime, some from games and other even from movies and books.

11141224_10203219291762752_3049017760279733924_n 11219713_10203219275802353_2160987644000369144_n

And the best part: Seeing friends and making new ones ♥

So here are some videos that will help you see just how wonderful the event was:


Disclaimer: The videos aren’t mine 🙂

Keep calm and love cosplay happy





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