[PinK]Clash of Kpop


Here ye kpoppers and enthusiasts because another Kpop event was born happy

Purely into Kpop or otherwise known as Pink is an organization formed by the fans to the fans aims to spread K-Pop Culture, Gather all the K-Pop fans here in Cebu and outside, & make more and more successful kpop events ♥


Clash of KPOP is their first event(I’m hoping it’s not the last of course 🙂 ) was held at Marcelo B. Fernan Cebu Press Center last July 19th of 2015 ♥ It was like any other Kpop events centered on a Kpop dance competition but not limited to just that.

Here are some snapshots I took of the contestants
Some photos of the special guest performances

And of course some fun and games~ ♥ Let’s also not forget the vital part of a Kpop Event – Kpop merchandisers ♦♦♦

Oh! Almost forgot to mention, I was actually one of the contestants 🙂


Wa$$up Cover Group – EXKOA


EXKOA (members from left to right)Sora, Rin, Kei & Kuro(me)

We didn’t win but we did have fun and that’s more than enough!


Thank you shout-out to all contestants, performers, staff, organizers, sponsors and to everyone who watched, enjoyed and made the event as awesome as it was~ ♥




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