Blessings of the Month [JULY 2015]

And yet another month has gone by~ And as every month ends there is this special blog post about the special things I am thankful about for the month that has just ended. ♥

Last month’s post: JUNE

First of all, I am very much thankful for the traffic this blog is getting and of course to all your support. Thank you for loving my blog :* :* :*

#lookbookWednesday launch was a success~ ♥


I know I’m not a super-fashionista kind of girl but hope you like the looks featured in my posts 🙂

Achievement unlocked: MANILA~ ♥


Yes it was my first time and also my first time to be on an airplane ^_^

*I will still be posting about my adventure while we were there, wait for it :*

And also these came in:


These are is the prize from the “Moments with Dad” instagram contest hosted by Oreo & serenitea that I mentioned in my previous blessing post~ *There will be a separate post on how we spent those gc’s at our serenitea adventure

The oreos disappeared in a flash with well 5 siblings, I’d say it’s no surprise hehehe 🙂

And lastly

Remember my Fujinoya Adventure/Omoshiroi Nippon Video Award Entry??? Well, how would you react to this:

july-1Yes, I was not expecting this one to come but it did! I was really surprised when I got an email that had Japanese written all-over it >///< Not to mention the Grand Prize was a trip to Japan and a chance to meet Miss Romi Park, a famous voice actress in Japan ♥ ♥ ♥

*sadly though I couldn’t attend it because my passport was not prepared in time

But all-in-all it was an amazing month ♥

How was your July’15??? *comment down below :*




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