Lolita Cosplay as Amy Sorel

amy-1Amy Sorel (エイミ, Eimi) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She made her first appearance in Soulcalibur II in the opening video sequence, lying to some soldiers about the location of Raphael, who is hiding. She then appeared as a playable bonus character for Soulcalibur III with a moveset identical to the rapier discipline used by custom characters. In Soulcalibur III: Arcade Edition, she is included as one of the main characters.

Soul Calibur is just like those play station games we love to play like TEKKEN and Marvel vs Capcom. Amy is like my favorite because for one her dress is just my style! That Gothic-ish look with all those beautiful red roses and that drill-like twin-tailed hair~♥

I had this costume as a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday and I was really glad they did because this is by far the 2nd most expensive cosplay I have. And I did wear it a couple of times and had 2 different shoots for this one.

Here are some photos from the first set~



This one is from the 2nd set~


Well in the 2nd set, I changed the hairstyle because I thought the hair in the first set wasn’t really drill-like and were too long >///<

I also had a hard time about my expressions because her personality is almost polar opposite to mine. I really hope I didn’t make her too moe for her serious character, but I really love her and her fashion ♥

What do you think?




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