Manila Visit Part 1: DFA Passport Processing

Do you have plans on going on a trip? Then go get a passport as soon as possible especially if you plan to go abroad! Go get it before its too late! Apparently I learned this the hard way. I recently had won a trip to Japan as I mentioned in my July blessings post. Sadly though I was not able to enjoy this awesome prize 😦dfa-9

A passport is a travel document, usually issued by a country’s government, that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. –Wikipedia

I didn’t give up right then and there when I received an email telling me I won a trip. I had to look for the fastest way to get my passport in the shortest time possible. I found Philippine Passport Express in their website it takes 7 days but later we found out that it takes 10 days already 😦 *I do hope they change the one in their website because it’s misleading

So after we arrived at the airport, It was very funny because we didn’t really know our way to go. Luckily there is this app called Google Map~♥ Yeah and guess what?! We walked from the airport to ASEANA (3.9km in less than an hour) 😀


So, when we got there we had to EAT!!! So hungry by then because we didn’t eat before the walk >///<

And here are some photos at the area~

The Process:

  1. We waited for our names to be called-out.dfa-7
  2. When our names got called and we were led inside, we were asked to confirm/check our papers and forms.
  3. We waited inside a room for other people to be in our batch.
  4. We went to the 2nd floor and were interviewed(Q&A portion).
  5. After the interview, we got out priority number for the picture taking part.
  6. We waited for a good hour I think? And we had our Picture and signature taken.
  7. And that was it! Well, we then just have to wait for our passports to be delivered.

And that’s all for My Manila Visit Series Part 1~

Do read my part two Next week.





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