#Pizza Pamilya – Da Vinci’s

Recently I became an official member of Cebu Blogging Community.

And because of that I got a chance to join Da Vinci’s Official Brand Launching:

Da Vinci’s has been around since 2002 and now they are making a new move with a warm, fun & “Pamilya-centered” environment.


And I really love that Da Vinci’s is uniquely Cebu and that their theme is about Family ties.

Like they always say: “Food brings us together”, especially good food.

And as you can see in this image FOOD DID BRING US TOGETHER (together to take some #foodporn shots) πŸ˜€


Here are some photos of the food they had us try

The food was deli!!! TheirΒ White Sauce pizza that comes in various sizes, now come in piccolo – which in my case a really good idea so that I can try a lot of flavors. And I’m really intrigued about that Banana Nutella Pizza that we weren’t able to try >///<

The Pan Gusto, is also a must try, they come in various fillings that are our own favorites like corned beef, ham, bacon & etc.

And my personal fave was the Potato Gusto, I’m a potato LOL πŸ˜€ It was really tasty especially with the sauces, the shawarma sauce is really good but the cheese dip was just as tasty~


So what are you waiting for? Try the newly refurbished Da Vinci’s Pizza~


Do visit their website for more informationΒ here~




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