A wear to remember: Event Shirts

Fashion is not all always about sophistication, but it is always an expression. And some say t-shirts are almost way to common to be cool, right? But I don’t really think so. In fact I really love t-shirts!!!

They are comfy, easy to wear and can be paired with almost anything in your closet. But for now let’s focus on something more sentimental about t-shirts.

In most events they would have loots or merchandises for sale, that would love to get your hands on because then you’d have some kind of memorabilia of the event. And among these merchandises the most common and loved are those event t-shirts. Why? Simply because they usually have awesome designs that speak of the event and very useful.


Just like this one that just became one of my fave shirts! Its a shirt to remember, because this is from an event that I really love – Bon Odori~happy

Every shirt when paired right becomes fabulously fashionable.


So rock out those event shirts you got!

*If you have one share them by commenting down below, I’d really love to see ’em.

Keep rockin’!




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