Manila Visit Part 2: Mall of Asia

In Manila there is a mall that is most popular and that is MALL OF ASIA(MOA) – the Philippines largest and the world’s 3rd largest mall!!! So I knew that when I get to Manila I should visit this particular mall~ ♥


After our official business in Manila which was to go to DFA, we already had our plans to go to MOA. We took a ride in this so-called Eco-Jeep, which was really cool – it was air-conditioned, had two entrance/exit and the fare rate was fixed to Php 6.00 only!


And when we arrived at the place I was so happy to actually see the Arena just beside MOA, I didn’t know it was there LOL 🙂 It is shaped like an eye for reasons I really don’t know >///<


And then around the mall there is a wide walkway you can freely walk around, for me its one of it’s best features~ ♥


And the mall is really huge or wide, just that it’s really large 😀

Here are some of the photos I took in the mall

Like any other mall it was filled with shops and stalls for food, clothing, footwear, and etc. This mall isn’t entirely air-conditioned, like some part have air lapse  but it’s not bad at all and then there is also this sea breezy area because its the side that faces the ocean – it was lovely~ ♥

And of course food trip is a must, but since we didn’t really have much budget nor the time we were at least able to try one store that I think does not exist here in Cebu >///<

moa-20 IMG_20150902_182433

MochiCreme is a Japanese Ice cream Stall that sell Ice cream wrapped in mochi.

Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonicaglutinous rice.


I was really attracted to go near the stall because it was really kawaii and then it sold ice cream, so I just had to try it. And it was tasty, I am after all an Ice Cream lover~ ♥

*That’s all for the MOA edition of my Manila Visit, comeback next saturday for the 3rd and last part of this Series~

Keep calm and keep the wanderlust wandering!




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