Manila Visit Part 3: Yexel’s Toy Museum


Yexel’s Toy Museum is a museum that features phenomenal displays of life-sized toy interpretations by Yexel Sebastian.

I was ecstatic to find out about this place on facebook, because finally there is a toy museum in the Philippines, sadly it was in Manila. But since we were going to visit Manila I had to convince my Dad that we should definitely visit the place~ AND WE DIDhappy


So when I read their facebook page it said that Yexel’s is at Las Pinas(which is actually really far from MOA, considering the traffic – it would take forever to get there!) but there is another Yexel’s toy museum at Manila Ocean Park, so we went to that one instead since it’s closer~


The ticket price was at Php 250.00 for NON-Ocean park ticket holders, and lesser if you bought a Manila Ocean Park tickets. We bought the Php250 pesos ticket since we were only there to visit Yexel’s~

It’s kinda hard to explain how nice it was there, so I’ll show it through the photos we took there~

First, right at the first sight outside of Yexel’s was already pretty because the design was- *look at the pics below

And all the more inside the museum~

Life-sized status of some of our most favorite characters
Rooms designed like the ones in movies
And there's a weapon/props room too

 Not one are the designs and toys awesome, there are informative walls too

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And at the end of the room there’s a souvenir shop

Not only was it fantastic, but also very informative! Not to mention you can take unlimited pictures.

And this is best I can do, to explain the wonder in a toy museum~




9 thoughts on “Manila Visit Part 3: Yexel’s Toy Museum

  1. whooaahh… nasuya ko Kuro! Nasa bucket list jud na nako ang Yexel’s Toy Museum. The one in Las Pinas ang akong ganahang adtoon kay mas daghan ang Anime Figures. How about the one in Manila Ocean Park, daghang Anime figures?

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