Simplified Decora Kawaii Fashion ★

As you may have noticed int my posts that I keep mentioning about Kawaii,  that is because I am a big fan of the Kawaii Life. This lifestyle originated from Japan and thus termed as Kawaii life since “Kawaii” is a Japanese word for cute~

And for today’s #lookbookwednesday here’s another kawaii look!


This look is a riff-raff ensamble of a simplied version of a decora look

Decora style originated in the late 1990s/early 2000s and rose to great popularity both in and outside Japan. The clothes are usually in black, dark pink or baby pink, but other neon colors were also acceptable. A plain shirt and hoodie was often worn with short tutu-like skirts. The hair (often worn in low ponytails with long bangs) and make-up itself tends to be quite plain. However, the most significant part of decora is to pile on many layers of cute accessories until the bangs and shirt are barely visible. Stockings, legwarmers, armwarmers, and knee socks are also worn over each other in different layers. Common details also include leopard prints and patterned dental masks. The style was eventually merged/replaced in the late 2000s by fairy kei and OTT (over-the-top) lolita in Japan, though it is still a relatively popular style overseas.



As you can see I had a lot of clips and cute hair accessories to make it look more decora~

This is what I wore at Japan Education Fair & Convention(post about this event will be up on saturday) and together with my friends from Kawaii Lovers Cebu! here are their coordinates 🙂

Keep calm and stay kawaii happy




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