A Food & Lifestyle Bazaar: Pop District Bazaar


Pop District Bazaar is an event managed by District Events, it is a food and lifestyle bazaar that promotes local, small or start-up businesses including the online community while helping educate local entrepreneurs what it means to produce world class products.

Pop District

My Experience

So I got ’em tickets from CBC, There was an entrance fee of php 100.00 that’s good for 2-days. Yes! the event was a 2-day affair~ Though I can only share what I had for D-1 πŸ™‚

So when we(I wanna special mention 2 friends who went there with me, Pao & Dodie~ Thank you) got to the venue we were awe-mazed with the classy view, because it looked really classy πŸ˜€


And Β then we were really hungry so we searched for food…and I got these:


Flavored Puso


The Grinch Flavored Ice Cream

The flavored puso reminded me of that food sold in the Night Market that was wrapped in banana leaf – to be honest it was a little too salty for my palette >///< but the Ice Cream was really good *wish I had more 😦

Here are some on-site photos

There were a lot of beautiful and very tempting merchandises but unluckily for me I do not have much on me, so what I did was enjoy the view and can I say that the best part for me was the live band featuring local artists!!!


I do not have a photo of them but I did get a video of the original singers of my current fave Vispop song – HAHAHA HASULA //I spazzed over them *internally hahahaha πŸ˜€

All-in-all the event was A okay

Congrats to the Organizers and people involved!!!




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