10 days to go: Chameleon Candy

As promised here is the giveaway countdown post w/ a feature about every item in the July Japan Candy Box I got~♥

10 days to go

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Let’s start with the 10th item on the list of candies & snacks:
Chameleon Candy!!!

10 Chameleon Candy

Chameleon Candy

So this is one of the Hard Candies that I got. Let’s talk first about the cute packaging~♥

The packaging had this Chameleon character that’s holding that round candy. I’d say the design justifies it’s name.


It’s not named “Chameleon Candy”  just because of the chameleon design! The candy is just like a chameleon because as you eat it, it changes color! It’s sweet and colorful – if you get what I mean. 🙂

Hope you like this one & Do come back tomorrow for #9~ *wink




3 thoughts on “10 days to go: Chameleon Candy

    • Well in the box I had~ I think it should be the match-flavored & soda-flavored ones that was more exotic…’coz most of them were like regular flavors~ but they were definitely good 🙂

      Just check out my more detailed post about the other stuff~♥


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