Anime, RPG, Comics & Hobbies Convention: ArchCon 2015


ARCHCON is one of the biggest cosplay events in Cebu. And for the first time in cebu cosplay events history: a 2-day cosplay event!!! Most cosplayers in Cebu have been wishing for a more than just 1-day cosplay event, and so our prayers were heard by ARCHCON!!!wpid-photogrid_1446034898669.jpg

My experience

Since, I was unfamiliar with the event venue I found it hard to locate. When I arrived I thought the con event was in the 2nd floor since I saw most cosplayers there. Later on I found out that it was actually on the 3rd *hahahaha

If there was a lot of people in the 2nd floor, it was packed in the event venue proper. I could hardly move around.

That aside, here are the highlights of the event~


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Cosplay Contest


The cosplay contest had two categories, on the 1st day it was SOLO cosplay and then on the 2nd day it was a PAIR cosplay~ All the contestants were so cool ♥

Non-competing Cosplayers


Over-all I think the event was hobby-mazing!!! Although it would have been better if the venue was bigger >///<

Congratulations to the ARCHCON committee & sponsors for the wonderful 1st-ever 2-day event in Cebu. I would also like to thank ARCHCON for giving me the opportunity to cover the event~♥

Hope to see you next ARCHCON!

*more photos at kuro photography




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