Luxury French Chocolates: zChocolat’s Sunrise


zchocolat-logo“We are committed to elevating the art of gift giving to a new level of personal expression — one of Excellence, Elegance, and Intelligence — and one that assures the sender will make a grand and lasting impression, anywhere in the world.”


is an online store that offers “Luxury French Chocolate” and delivers them worldwide. Lucky enough, I was given a chance by zChocolat to try their product! Here is the video of the unboxing & some taste test~

 First Impressions

I got the box via DHL, I am really impressed with how electronic they were. I was asking the delivery guy if I had to sign anything and he took his phone(or maybe not, but it looked like a phone) and scanned the bar code on the box and handed it to me, I had to sign on that electronic device! I was surprised and impressed at the same time, great going DHL! 🙂


The delivery packaging was very well packed, from the shiny thick box, to the cold packs! You could really tell that they were careful not to let the chocolate melt. So when it gets to me/you, the chocolates are well intact.

The zChocolate Pack


zChocolats’ packing style is really very well designed and especially great for gift giving! The one I got was from the basswood collection named “Sunrise”. Sunrise is a 15 pc chocolate box, which you could actually customize the box designed and also choose which chocolates to include. There is also a note with a customize-able message & a book with information about zChocolat and their chocolates~ Not to mention the pouch encasing everything is super pretty! 🙂

The Chocolates

“Z is the mathematical symbol for the infinite range of whole numbers. It is also the 26th letter of the alphabet representing the 26 recipes from our Numbered Collection: chocolates 0 to 24, plus our signature Z chocolate.”



So here’s what I got in my box, an assortment of their chocolates from 0-11 & the z chocolate in white, milk & dark variations~ So basically they had their chocolates from white, dark and milk chocolate coatings with each number containing a different type of chocolate mix inside. Like “7”, which turned out to be my favorite was coated in milk chocolate while containing a pistachio and almond mix~

My Final Thoughts

Generally “I love it” I mean whats not to love with chocolate right? Plus the beautiful box? All-in-all here is my scoreboard for zChocolat:

Taste 10/10
(design, packaging, etc.)
Service 10/10

This is a pretty neat gift idea, and isn’t it almost Christmas?

I personally, want to add this “The Photographer” from their Hobbies Collection to my Christmas Wishlist~


For more information:

Keep calm & love Chocolates~



 Disclosure: All photos used are mine. Comments are 100% true and based on my preferences. The luxury chocolate are sponsored by zChocolat.


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