Tokyo Table Invasion with CBC Foodies

CBC Foodies are bloggers whose blog’s niche include FOOD! And we have several food adventures planned out and this one is just our first!


First impressions first, the set-up and feel of the place is as close to Japan as it can get!

Here’s a video, so you get what I mean~

The Set-up

The buffet table is appetizingly arranged. I love how the buffet is set in groups/sections! There is a section for all the sushi, another section for the viands and soups, another for the raw ones which you can cook on your table and there’s my favorite section – THE DESSERT SECTION~♥

The Food and Drinks

What else do we even look forward to in going to a restaurant? FOOD~💙

And like I mentioned, their buffet is set-up in sections(as you can see in he photos). Don’t you agree that they are daintily arranged?

The food is not only beautiful but it is taste really delectable and authentic-tasting. Not to mention its MSG-free! 😍

Stand up and breath for more~

And when you feel full but still want more? Here’s a tip: “Stand up and breath for more!” or you could always drink tea. The tea is only for 60 pesos and its refillable~

Lasting Impression

With the wide variety of choices, visiting once is not enough!

Visit Tokyo Table and see for yourself~ *winks




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