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Cebu Food Crawl is the first bloggers’ exploration of the best food and restaurants in Cebu.

Cebu – my beloved hometown, is considered as one of the best island destinations in Asia-Pacific region not just for its stunning roster of powdery beaches and islands but also for its unique gastronomic delights, which can be found nowhere else is the country. It is the culinary melting pot of the South, a perfect blend of various influences resulting into a culinary destination uniquely Cebuano, a culinary gem that keeps on evolving, and getting better and tastier over the years.


Cebu Food Crawl a 4-day food tour took the participants and their blog and social media followers into a gastronomic journey of the exquisite and addictive taste of Cebu hinting everyone with new destinations in the progressive dining scene of Cebu and new ideas on what establishments to visit on their return. It started on November 27, 2015 and ended on November 30, 2015.

Ever had that excitement to join something exciting? That is the exact feeling I got when I read about this particular event! But due to schedule conflicts and monetary constraints, I was only able to attend one of the 4 days!

The places we visited were all very dainty, so it would be a waste to cramp them all up in one post! I would love to share the exciting experience in each of the stops we went to.

Halo Restaurant

The Chocolate Chamber

Mactan Alfresco

Dolce Casa


That’s all for now! This only a preview so keep posted for the detailed story on each stop we visited~

Visit Kuro Photography for more photos 🙂




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