Kawaii Style on a Cold Weather & Mata Expo on 2016

Tis’ the season to be jolly…falalalalala~ Yes! It’s that time of the year that is filled with cheer and not to mention cold!!! So our featured look is inspired and great for this cols weather but with that touch of kawaii~


Are you feeling the season? Rain, cool wind and christmas cheery music! It’s Christmas time and everyone knows its going to be cold and wet. This season is perfect for sweaters coats and long sleeves~ Be as stylish as you can because it’s a rare and short chance to be COOL!


In my previous post in #lookbookwednesday it wasΒ Sweater and HairtsylesΒ this time its Sweater and skirts. Sweaters paired with Skirts is also another common kawaii style! Don’t you agree that it’s cute?

Speaking of the love of kawaii, Mata Expo is finally happening in Cebu in the year 2016!!!

MATA EXPO is an international social-media enterprise expo and more than just a tradeshow. It is a great opportunity for corporations, organizations, and individuals with multicultural aspects “diversity” to promote their services / products to thousands of people. MATA EXPO supports expanding the Multicultural Awareness in the public society.

Mata Expo


Click image to know more about the event.

Find out more details by visiting:

Get your tickets early and see you there~




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