Almond Praline Spread: Zchocolat’s Spreads Collection


As I’ve mentioned in a previous post about one of Zchocolat’s product, zChocolat is an online store that offers “Luxury French Chocolate” and delivers them worldwide. Previous post here.

Aside from their delectable and high class chocolates, they offer a new side to their chocolate in the SPREAD COLLECTION. The spread collection has 3 choices of spreads – Peanuts, Almonds & Hazelnuts Praline Spread. The one I was able to try was the Almonds Praline Spread.

First off I really commend their delivery service. It arrived fast and earlier than the expected day, which I think is really important especially in dealing with these kind of products. And just like last time with their chocolates, this spread comes with a pretty black pouch, a  white card with a note and their informative booklet.

As someone who is not really fond of peanut spreads this one I actually loved. The taste is great and there is that crunch that makes it all the more delectable. I actually found it very good to eat on its own but its also great with bread and tea for a mid-afternoon snack.

But don’t limit yourself there! You can incorporate it with any of your favorites~

For more gastronomic photos visit Kuro Photography here.

For more information & inquiries about Zchocolat:

That’s all for now~




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