MATA Expo: Cebu


MATA EXPO is an international social-media enterprise expo and more than just a tradeshow. It is a great opportunity for corporations, organizations, and individuals with multicultural aspects “diversity” to promote their services / products to thousands of people. MATA EXPO supports expanding the Multicultural Awareness in the public society.


If you’re following me in any of my social media sites, you’d already know that I was an active member of the organizing team together with my friends from Kawaii Lovers of Cebu. The organizing part was as stressful as it can get, at first i really didn’t expect much of the event and was worried because of the low ticket sales we had. But then on the event day I was surprised to see so many people.

It felt weirdly quite at first and then I realized that most of the attendees were deaf and mute. It was amazing! It was totally eye opening to experience an event especially made for them and to experience how hard it is trying to understand something your not used to.

It was an entirely new experience for me to learn and try to understand sign language. And to understand how challenging it is for them to have that kind of situation, yet they are still happy and trying. They were a very welcoming and responsive crowd which was really cool.

And like any other event there a couple of exciting booths, cosplay shop booth, kawaii lovers booth, figma exhibit, food stalls just to name a few.

And in the program proper, there were a lot of exciting activities. Hotdog eating competition, lolita competition, cosplay competition, kpop dance competition, tattoo design competition and a magic show by a magician who came straight from Japan! How cool is that!?

Among all things it was definitely able to expand my multicultural awareness. And together with Kawaii Lovers of Cebu, we would like to extend out heart-felt gratitude to everyone who supported the event and to MATA Expo for having us as well as having held the event in Cebu♥

Please give you support and love to the following by liking their page:


Kawaii Lovers Cebu, here




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