How I spent my valentines~♥


I know this one is a lot late, but it’s still February right? Here goes . . .

Valentines Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. Originally this feast is celebrated in honor of one or more early saints named Valentinus, which later evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other.

And since I don’t have a special person whom I can call my lover, yet; here is how I spent my not-so-single Valentines Date.

First trip was to go to Country Basket, a restaurant and cupcake shop in Lahug; for a valentine special photoshoot with my cosplay friends – Zangellz as Hope & Kyle as Lightning from the Final Fantasy Series.

If you want to check out the photo set, click here

After we were all satisfied with the set of photos we got, we all chatted over the 2 slices of Red Velvet Cake we previously used as props. The cake slices were delicious but it was too crumbly, but yum!

I had a hectic schedule ahead of me, so I was not able to stay with my friends for long and had swoosh myself to Ayala, a mall in Cebu; and meet-up with my #crazyfamily  for lunch. We were quite tight on the budget, so we ended up sharing 2 servings of Rice Haven which costs only 49pesos for rice goodness.

Instagram @khitsugaya

We’ll not to fret from lunch, we had a free dozen glazed to claim at Krispy Kreme, a donut & coffee shop. My little siblings got hotdog balloons and the Krispy Kreme caps, because Krispy Kreme gives them to kids. It was so cute. Do check out our family channel and join in on our family adventures, here

And for my last stop of the day, My mom and I went to Dolce Cafe Cebu to try out their Valentine Special Dessert Buffet!!! For the full details of our Dolce Cafe experience visit my food blog, Wanderliciousblog

And that’s right about it. Being single doesn’t mean you have to bitter about Valentines Day. You could always spend with the ones who mean much in your life like your friends and especially your family♥

Over and out




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