My Birthday Realization

Hey guys! I know its been a while since my last post and I’ve been kind of busy so I’m sorry about that. So here is a post that is somewhat of an update of my life lately.

bday chuchu

I’m currently a student of computer Engineering, am in my 5th year but sadly I ain’t graduating this year because of my being a working scholar. I am working in the Software Development department which entails a lot of stress and pressure not to mention studies are also there with assignments and projects left and right. Yeah, being a college student with not much money is hard.

I’m not complaining or anything, I am just stating the facts. In all honestly I am thankful for all these struggles because its helping me become a stronger person. And of course everyday is not all about stress and pressure, there are special people around who make everyday worthwhile and fun.

And before I forget the main point of this post, March is actually my birth month March 7 to be exact. On my birth date everyone was busy and so was I, in the working office we were in the middle of problems and my classmates and friends were busy with preparations for their graduation. There were some that remembered but most forgot and only remembered it half way through the day, thanks to facebook or skype.

But as one grows older and more mature in thought, I realized that birthdays get less special in a way that we expect less from the people around us and that we just become more thoughtful and thankful for another number added to our age and life to live. Receiving gifts become less important compared to giving gifts instead.

Sometimes the most beautiful gifts are life itself and the people you get to spend it with.




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