Black & Colorful Kawaii

HEY GUYS!!! I know it’s been a while since my last post.. I’ve been extremely busy >///< but here’s a not-so-new post. This post has been pending for a while. Here it goes~

MATA EXPO is an international social-media enterprise expo and more than just a tradeshow. It is a great opportunity for corporations, organizations, and individuals with multicultural aspects “diversity” to promote their services / products to thousands of people. MATA EXPO supports expanding the Multicultural Awareness in the public society.


Way back February I attended and hosted a special event for the deaf and mute community which was MATA EXPO 2016. It’s an event that has been going on for a while but it was the first time that it happened in Cebu. As a member of the Kawaii Lovers Cebu , I was somehow part of the committee. Read post on the event here.


It was my 2nd time hosting for an event and I was still pretty much nervous, but that is not what this post is about 😀
Since I am a kawaii lover and this event was a kawaii event, I went to wear a kawaii look. Wearing my beloved cotton candy colored wig and kawaii make-up with jewels to make me look younger and more kawaii. ♥

As for my clothes, I didn’t really have time to prepare for something new to wear. What I did was, get my black dress-top (*which I wore during Halloween) and sneaked up a white skirt (which was part of my OH My Girl Dance Costume) to make it look a bit more fluffy and the black and white tandem is just pretty for me.

And of course the usual knee high socks and just a pair of regular sneakers to make it comfy for me. And that’s it for the over-all look!

Thank you for reading!




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