[Geek Side]My top 5 Musical Movies(2000-present)

I think I kick-started this section in blog last year with only 1 post and none that followed so here I am writing an entry to  this section with my Top 5 picks of Musical Movies~


About Musical Movies

Musical Movie is a movie genre where songs sung by the characters are interwoven into the narrative and sometimes accompanied by dancing. The songs usually advance the plot or develop the story’s characters.



This one is bound to be a favorite, since I’m fond of family-oriented films and this is. I found the songs quite fun and really easy to sing which makes musical more entertaining that way. The story is very interesting and the message comes across loud and clear: “Family comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.”



That bit of magic in life is a must for everyone. We all need that magical feel in our already stressful reality. And this one is perfect for that with the mix of both the fairy tale world and that our ours its a magical cross over. A story of your not so typical fairy tale love story you’ll definitely come to love.



Set in the 20th century Paris, this one is a tale of a love that cannot be and a love that cannot be returned. With very popular soundtrack, your bound to find it hard to forget this entrancing movie of comical, fun, magical, spectacular and tragic love. This is really one of my favorite musical movies.



One of the more recent films, starring up and coming stars like Anna Kendrick and Johnny Depp. I waited for this to come out in the cinemas just because I saw that Depp was part of the cast, only to be disappointed to find him in a very short amount of  screen time 😦 But do not fret this was a good film! The magic and the twist of your childhood fairy tales woven into one.



And now we are on the top of our list! At top 1, Les Miserables! Its my favorite because the story although it may seem boring to the naked eye once you finish its entirety you will find yourself enticed and hooked with the plot. A good old classic story and a big thumbs up to the movies dramatic climax and the cast did a really good job! My favorite part would be the ‘On my own’ scene.

Make sure to watch these film if you haven’t already and tell me what you think~



Disclosure: The ranking of these musical movies are solely according to my preference and point of view.


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