[Geek Side] Top 5 Mobile Apps

We are in the era of technology and mobility. There are tons of developments for mobile technology and as geek, here are my top 5 favorite mobile applications!




Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


FotorCreated (6)

This one is new but it definitely deserves a spot in my top 5, since its made by Filipinos for Filipinos. Not only that, its the only app that gives its users social media power by completing certain task and giving ’em rewards! Ain’t that cool?!

FotorCreated (7)

Most of us already love Youtube, since it’s a very good site to watch videos  and create your own channel. But the mobile app is even cooler, since it has a feature where you can save a video as offline, so that when you are offline you can still view the video!

FotorCreated (10)

I just had to put these two in one ranking since they have mostly the same functions but I love them both. Selfie City and B612 are both great for taking selfies. I just love the kinds of filters they have.

FotorCreated (8)

Probably the most popular social media app in the world. The mobile application is just as fun as the web version, but when your on your mobile it’s just so much easier, don’t you think?

FotorCreated (9)

I’m a very visual kind of person, so this one is definitely my top favorite! I love the amazing filters and its just the kind of social media visual people like me need! Awesome mobile platform!

What do you think of my Top Mobile Apps? Are any of my faves yours too? Let me know in the comments below~



Disclosure: The ranking of these mobile applications are solely according to my preference and point of view.


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