[Sneaks & Snaps] DAY 1 : Bon Odori 2016


*Photos taken using smart phone. Sorry for the low quality photos. >///<

FotorCreated (2) (1)

Amazingly huge crowd!

FotorCreated (1) (1)

Bon Odori partners

FotorCreated (3) (1)

At the entrance

FotorCreated (6) (1)

Boo Odori Center

FotorCreated (4) (1)

Candied Apples @ Php50

FotorCreated (5)

Candied Apple looks like a light stick

FotorCreated (8) (1)

Free Photo at Accenture Booth

FotorCreated (9)

Free Photos

FotorCreated (7) (1)

Choco Banana @ Php50

FotorCreated (24)

Donburi for only Php60

FotorCreated (23)


FotorCreated (22)

Cup Ramen for sale

FotorCreated (21)


FotorCreated (20)

Front Stage

FotorCreated (15)

Long line at Osaka Takoyaki booth

FotorCreated (14)

Fishing Game

FotorCreated (13)

Catch the noodles

FotorCreated (12)

Choya booth

FotorCreated (11)


FotorCreated (10)

Yakisoba Man

FotorCreated (18)

Free snacks Booth

FotorCreated (17)

Chandon Booth

FotorCreated (16)

Curry Rice Booth

FotorCreated (25) (1)


If you didn’t attend Day 1, You still got a chance to enjoy all these at Bon Odori 2016 TODAY!!!

For updates, announcements, contests, stalls and etc., please check the event page/ facebook page ( here) frequently or subscribe to us!

Thank you and see you all there!




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