[Unboxing] Blippo Mystery Box + Giveaway

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What is Blippo Kawaii Shop?

blippoBlippo is your #1 source for all thing Cute and Kawaii. Our mission is to spread cuteness, happiness and Kawaii culture to all corners of the world – and that’s what we’ve been doing since 2002. You are never too old to enjoy a positive approach to all things in life, and a little kawaii love around you. Just remember to Stay Kawaii!


Blippo sent me a mystery box of kawaii goods to review~!


So here it goes~

I like that the box comes with those puffy white stuff because its cute and it makes the box looks full and ofcourse it keeps the thing inside to be safe *thumbs up for that~!


This cute pencil *which at first thought was a pen >///< comes with an adorable bear ornament and not to mention the bear head prints all over it is just kawaii~


And then I got another cute and useful thing – a kitten purse~♥ Not only is the design kawaii, its very useful and the material used for it seems very durable. And that cool gold chain gives you a lot of options as to where to keep it!


For a second I thought this was a notepad but nope its not! It’s a kawaii wooden toast coaster! Cute and useful~! I love it~♥


And last but not the least – Koala chocolate biscuit snack! I was really really happy to find this in the box because its food! hahahaha 😀 This taste super oishii! Lotte never disappoints~ 🙂

Wouldn’t you agree with me that all these are Kawaii??? Find more at Blippo.com now ^_^


Don’t forget to join the giveaway~!

Click the image below for the giveaway ^_^

giveaway282-Kuro Hime Hitsugaya




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