Chasing Sunsets like chasing dreams


It’s a new year and I’ve been to busy with my life and now I have to make up for all those backlogs that kinda piled up. To start off I will take you to a special time I had on board P/Y Jokai 1 back in 2016.

It’s not everyday that one get’s a chance to ride on a yacht, right? So, imagine my delight when I saw a friend’s post looking for a blogger to experience a sunset cruise. I immediately messaged her and  got the invitation. Special shutout to Ate Rox of, thank you~!

As the dock nears I saw the yacht with fresh white hue that pops with that blue of the ocean that meets the sky. Honestly I was excited for the experience, yet at the same time weary because I went there alone. But later was relieved to be joined by a fellow blogger friend and school mate, John aka foureyedlaagan who was with thelittlelai, it became a a little less nerve-wrecking.

Whilst waiting, I couldn’t help myself but take pictures of the beauty of nature. And when we did depart excitement rose as we anticipated the much awaited sun to set. Ofcourse, it wouldn’t hurt to mingle with the other passengers. We went about the yacht and took pictures(coz that’s what we do).

It was quite a spectacle for me, because it wasn’t the kind of event where you party2 but it was the kind that allowed you to just chill, breathe in the fresh breeze of ocean air and inhale the beautiful sight of God’s art. And that’s what makes it most memorable for me.

Check out some more photos: here




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