Cebu Kpop Convention Bloom

There’s been a wide spur on KPOP and how it is greatly influencing the community. In Cebu, the popularity of kpop & kdrama has noticeably  been increasing. Such that communities are being made to promote events for these fans of kpop, like myself.

Cebu Kpop Convention or CKC for short is a non-profit team that seeks to bring Cebuano K-pop fans closer to their idols. With such aim they had this event called: “Bloom: The Spring of Four Seasons (Cover Showcase)“. This event is aimed to showcasing the youthfulness and spirited cover groups from Cebu and other parts of the Visayas. “Bloom: The Spring of Four Seasons” and the rest of the series will dawn on January.


On January 28th of 2017, kpop-lovers gathered in APM Centrale to watch the spectacle. Hosted by Lucy Lyn and Brylle Louiss, participated by about 60+ cover groups. There were no chairs available but the crowd were more than glad to squat on the floor. The stage was decorated with pink papers made to look like cherry blossoms blooming in relation to the event’s theme “BLOOM”.fotorcreated-7

 Despite the technical problem encountered, the performers were very professional in dealing with it because they still continued performing and the crowd was very participative as well, in the instance that the music stopped they would sing their hearts out to help the performers in continuing their performance.fotorcreated-6

As a performer myself it was very heart-warming seeing these people who probably barely know each other but gladly help and support each other. Aside from that, the tribute part of the show would be a highlight for me. This part placed the limelight to remembering iconic groups that have disbanded but would always stay in our hearts. Such groups like 2ne1, 4minute, Miss A and others seeing their songs being performed brought some tears and memories.fotorcreated-4

Since group hopping was allowed , I was able to perform 5 times with 5 different groups, with that I was busily running around the area changing and performing, but nonetheless it was a great experience making friends and experiencing the stage. I would like to express my gratitude to the following groups I was able to perform with Anonymous, Stick-O, Googoogaagaa, Milky Way & EXKOA.

And to the organizers and sponsors of the event, for a very successful event.




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