Jeepney Etiquette 101


In the Philippine we use jeepneys as our main transportation. According to Wikipedia, Jeepneys are known for their crowded seating and kitsch decorations, which have become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture and art.

Since it is used by the public we should learn to be considerate of others as well. A jeepney is not your private car or property hence I decided to make this write-up about etiquette when riding a jeepney.fotorcreated-1

The root and cause of this may well be my own personal discomfort as a jeepney passenger, but then again a lot of people use this transportation each and every day of their life (excluding probably those who own their private means of transportation or those who can easily afford to ride a taxi) . Here are some tips and reminders to other jeepney passengers, based from my personal experiences~

  • Make your voice audible. Consider projecting your voice when you are informing the driver/conductor of the details regarding your fare. It is understandable that sometimes the driver/conductor may not be able to hear you well, due the noise interference like the engine noise, outside noise, noise from other vehicles and chitchats. So be considerate of the driver/conductor  and make your voice be heard.
  • Pay the Right Fare. These drivers spend hours and hours per day just to get by. They don’t earn much, they have families to feed, they ave to pay for renting the jeepney and pay for gasoline. The current minimum fare is 6.50 pesos. Don’t you think it’s fare enough to pay properly?fotorcreated-2
  • Be mindful of the space. It is a public transportation, therefore you will not be the only one to to take a seat. Some people will be in a rush, so when a passenger comes in please move in consideration. Share the space, don’t open your legs wide as if your in your living room watching television.
  • Be polite. When giving your fare don’t forget to say “Please(palihug ta)” & “Thank you(salamat)” when receiving your change. This are very simple and basic things to do, but sometimes people ignore doing it. They would reach out their hand with the money without saying a single word and actually expect you to sense it, I think this kind of gesture is very inappropriate. Remember your manners and be polite.fotorcreated-3
  • Prioritize Elders & People with disability. When your are sitting at the corner of the jeepney and see and elderly/disabled person, move so that he/she may be able to ride faster. They do not have the strength to have to bow and walk to the end in the inside of the jeepney, so be considerate and allow them to sit at the stair corner to be able to get on and off the jeepney as easily as possible.

These are just some reminders that might help you in your everyday life.




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