#kdrama Review Series: Goblin


Since I’ve been doing a lot of Korean drama watching lately, I’ve decided to make a #kdrama review series. Here I will share to you a summary of the series, how I felt while watching it, what I liked or did not like in the drama, basically it’s like a reaction video but in writing form.


First on this series is: Goblin: The lonely and great god

Dokkaebi (a.k.a Korean Goblin) – is a unique Korean mythical creature considered as a low-ranking god or spirit

The story mainly revolves around the love story between the Goblin and the Goblin’s Bride. It is also generally a sad and tragic kind of love story. Kim Shin played by Gong Yoo is the Goblin who was previously a General has lived for about 900 years without forgetting the deaths of anyone who was involved with him. That meant turmoil in his immortal life, this is why he searches for the Goblin’s Bride later revealed as Ji Eun Tak played by Kim Go Eun. Goblin’s bride is the key to his death.


Grim Reaper – somone who escorts souls of the dead to their afterlife or to be reincarnated

In this series there is another sad love story and this is the Grim Reaper’s tale. His sad fate is also closely knitted to that of the Goblin’s. The Grim Reaper played by Lee Dong Wok, ends up living in the Gobliln’s house and its quite fun how these two develops their relationship as two supernatural beings live together.


The series is like a roller coaster ride. It gives you a lot of ups and downs. The development of the story is something I commend. Not to mention the cast are pretty good on the visuals, the scenery is fascinating and the story is quite unique. Since its a given that the story pretty much revolves around a sad love story, there are scenes the make your heart flutter, ache and leap for joy.fotorcreated-3

I didn’t  cry much, except for the last episode where everything was really really painful. And if I end up crying that means the film is good~! But don’t fret too much, I believe the ending was good ^_^

I recommend you to watch it for yourself.


I’m also watching on-going series like hwarang, shy boss & missing 9. Hope you stay tuned for my next review.




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