Now we are on our third drama in this review series: Moonlight Drawn By Cloudsfotorcreated-2

First impressions on Hwarang, would be that you’d want to watch firstly because the main cast is mainly composed of good-looking men. Now, which fan girl wouldn’t want to watch these handsome guys gather in one series? Right?

FotorCreated (7).jpg

Hwarang literally mean “Flowering Knights” who are an elite group of male youth in during the Kingdom of Silla.

The story is set in the time of King Jinheung of Korea. Like Moonlight drawn by clouds there are a lot of issues regarding their ranks and statutes.

FotorCreated (5).jpg

The main cast is packed with visually appealing men, 3 of which are idols from popular groups and 3 are mainly actors. The story starts with the mystery of the faceless King Jinheung or Sam Maek Jong, played by Park Hyung Sik(member of ZE:A), who faces the troubles of becoming a King who is young and weak. Anyone who sees he’s face is killed.FotorCreated (6).jpg

The second lead is Dog-Bird, played by Park Soo-Joon, he lived  as a peasant and helps his friend find his family in the City. As a peasant they aren’t allowed in the the City. Faith takes a turn of events and he ends up becoming a Hwarang.tumblr_inline_oin9owiSr41qz9nuy_1280

In the hwarang house are several other males, who mostly came from good families both against the Queen like Ban Ryu’s Family(Ban Ryu is played by actor Do Ji-Han) and for the Queen like Soo Ho’s Family (Soo Ho is played by idol member of Shinee, Minho).

Among men rivalries are vary common. The rivalry are as follows: the rivalry between the love of A-Ro(Played by Go Ara) between Ji Dwi(Sam Maek Jong) and Sun Woo(Dog-Bird), The rivalry of who is better between Soo Ho and Ban Ryu and lastly the brother issues of Han Sung(played by Kim Tae Hyun of BTS) and Dan Se(played by Kim Hyun Joon). Its amazing how each rivalry ends up in a great friendship.fotorcreated-4

Aside from the awesome visuals offered by this series, the story flow and character development are well-placed. I love how the characters personality develops and how the  story escalates. The little side love story is something I’m quite fond of in kdrama series. They are usual lite, cute and funny.FotorCreated (16)

Unlike most dramas set in olden times, this offers a more fun and lite story. Which I really love. I really recommend this one as a must watch drama ^_^





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