Welcome back to my #kdrama review series if this is not your first time here~! We are now on our 4th drama series to review and hopefully many more to come~!fotorcreated-9

Cinderella and the Four Knights is a your not so typical cinderella story involving four men and one house~! Starts with a cinderella-like setting with Eun Ha Won played by Park So Dam, living with as deceased mother, a step mom, a step sister and a dad working far away from home. Due to some unconventional events she ends up in the Sky house.fotorcreated-11

The Sky house is a place where the Heirs of the Haneul Group – the “Kang Cousins” resides in. Kang Hyun Min played by Ahn Min Hyuk is n arrogant playboy, Kang Ji Woon, played by Jung Il Woo is wild and rebellious who fancies cars and tinkering with them, Kang Seo Woo played by Lee Jung Shin is a popular singer-songwriter and lastly Lee Yoon Sung played by Choi Min is the Chairman’s secretary. Since these cousins are not in good terms and generally live spoiled lives being rich boys and all, will Eun Ha Won be able to change them?fotorcreated-10

At first I was curious how it’s a Cinderella story, every girl probably grew up listening to these fairy tales and wish we could be Cinderella. But unlike most people Eun Ha Won wasn’t one of those. That’s one key point in the story and one of her great strengths.


The unfolding of each character and each of their character develop is so well places that it seems so easy to understand. For me, if the background story of a character is well shown and explained it is easier to empathize with him or her. I find that this is very important and was shown properly in this series.

The series also made me tear up, and those who’ve followed this series know that is a plus. Not to mention these good looking four knights are knights in very shiny armor.fotorcreated-12

Overall, its one drama you might not want to miss.




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