#GetTheGlowWithKevlo at the Kevlo Skin Clinic

Kevlo is brand name that Sir Mark Geniston already had in mind with the thought of his children’s names Kevin and Lovely. They started out with distribution for skin care products. 10 years later, they decided to open-up a Skin clinic highlighting the use of their own products!

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Together with some of my blogger friends we were invited to a Blogger’s Day Out Event wher get to try their SERVICE. We were able to experience what their KEVLO SIGNATURE FACIAL was like and how it differs from others. We also had the oppurtunity to chitchat with the man behind the brand, Mr. Mark Genniston and his family who are very hands-on with the business.

The moment you enter the clinic, you’d feel relaxed already. The theme and ambiance of the place allows you to feel that way. It had this balance of homey yet elegant feel to it. They also have this serene music that makes you feel calm.

The service is well-deserving of a 5-star, because they are consistent, accommodating and friendly. The first thing I’d usually look out for in any place I go to is “Custumor Service Quality” and I’d say Kevlo Skin Clinic has that.

Now for the facial, I can atest to their consistency since I went there more than once already, and the process and result were the same. After the process it makes your skin feel refreshed and feel renewed.

And for maintenace you could also purchase their products, so you’d be able to care for your skin at home. They are very effective and not that expensive. They have this quote tht says “Beauty need not be expensive”. Although it does come with a price, I’d say at Kevlo its worth it.

Kevlo Skin Clinic has 2 branches in Cebu, one across University of San Carlos Talamban Campus and the other at Bonifacio District, Panagdait. They offer other services aside from just the facial, like slimming, firming & whitening. Now you can #getTheGlowWithKevlo ,just visit their clini Β and experience it yourself.



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