Summer escape at Solea Resort

So summer has officially ended and I have a lot of back-log articles that should have already been posted. And this is one of them. But since its a long weekend isn’t it a good idea to go on a little escapade to chill and relax?


Last May 12(yeah I know its late hahaha), I was able to get my hands on to a media event to Solea Mactan Resort(YAY!!!) Normally I wouldn’t be able to even touch resorts, but this is one beautiful resort.

FotorCreated (2)

Solea Mactan Resort is about a year old in the resort business. “Solea” is a french word which means “elevated land”. Solea Mactan Resort is placed on an elevated land that is why they named it “Solea”. Solea Mactan Resort is a 13 hectare land with a beautiful wide panoramic view.

FotorCreated (1)

Solea Mactan Resort is located in Cordova, Cebu, Philippines!!! Among their many amenities is their beautiful infinity pool(as seen in the photo above this) although it is only available for in-house guest it it indeed a sight to see. And upon your entrance to the place you are welcomed with beautiful architecture and interior design, they have one of the best lobby among resorts.

FotorCreated (3)

As for non in-house guest there are other pools available with cute sprinkles and mushroom  waterfall (it so cute). You could also go to their shoreline where there is a #Solea sign with awesome background where the sky and ocean meet. Actually the whole are is very scenic and spacious.

18518251_10207140366507170_1721683230802650737_oThey also have a man-made “ocean” where you can do “Kayaking” not sure how to do it but they this thing that looks like “bangka” or mini boats and just paddle through(I guess hahaha)
FotorCreated (4)FotorCreated (5)

Didn’t try kayaking but I did have a photo on it. *wink


And of course let’s not forget the FOOD. Solea Mactan Resort has its own restaurant which is the EARTH RESTAURANT. It is ope 24 hours and offer buffet lunch and dinner with varieties of WESTERN, MEDITERRANEAN, ASIAN and DESSERT.

And they actually have a promo for Father’s Day~!

Image may contain: text

You can also check out my VLOg to see more of our experience


That’s all for now~!




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