Back To School: EC2 Excellence Academy offers a different approach to better learning

It’s JUNE and classes have begun or not,  at least in the Philippines its back to school for most schools. Most of the students I know have gone back to their own schools. And we know that schools have their own way or system of teaching to produce better students than other schools. ell, EC2 Excellence Academy is no different in that point of view.

About EC2 and their system

EC2 Excellence Academy is a non-stock, non-profit educational institution that caters initially to grade school kids aged 6 to 12 through individualized educational program (IEP), small class size format and experiential methodology. Founded this 2017 as the elementary level continuity of the very successful EC2 preschool system, EC2 Excellence Academy also uses Li+Nu+S (Literacy+Numeracy+Science) adaptive curriculum, which covers the Department of Education basic education curriculum but with special emphasis on Math, Science, ICT and communications literacy  The teacher-student ratio is 1:4 in Preschool and in 1:12 Elementary. Its approach is a delicate balance of the educational principles of Maria Montessori and Howard Gardner. It’s an alternative to the dialectical swing from the current big classroom sizes (that deprives kids of much needed attention) and home-schooling (that deprives kids some opportunities for socialization).  EC2 is the first preschool to ever expose its students to experiential learning by utilizing facilities here and abroad. Apart from learning about the subject matter, we see that travel develops our student’s character and self-esteem.

Courses Offered

Grades 1 to 6 full academic program (with programming and financial literacy)
Face-to-face Supplemental Program in Math and Reading (K to 12)
Online Supplemental Program in Math and Reading (K to 8)
One-on-one tutorials for grades 1 to 12
Small group tutorials for grades 1 to 12
Specific subject tutorials
All subject tutorials

For more information:


Facebook page: EC2 Excellence Academy

Landline number: (032) 3166220

Mobile number: 09333635501

You may also check out my vlog of the Media Event of EC2



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